Your Washington Water Authority staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!

Business Personnel

General Manager Josh Moore  
Staff Engineer Zak Johnston  
Office Manager Stephanie Eiland  
Customer Service Representative Tabatha Patrick  
Customer Service Representative Sissy Mounce  
Customer Service Representative Samantha Smith  

Operations Personnel

Construction Supervisor Duane Boyd  
Maintenance Supervisor Darrin Byrum  
Meter Services Supervisor Carl Bartholomew  
Construction Foreman Rusty Collins  
Equipment Operator Daniel Holiday  
Construction Laborer David Bradley  
Meter Technician Dave Davenport  
Plumbing Inspector/Locator Ty Bates  
Plumbing Inspector/Locator Jonathon Brewer