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The Washington Water Authority is issuing an immediate request for water conservation for all WWA water customers south of Farmington or Fayetteville.  This request is for the anyone in the area between Farmington and Prairie Grove, customers around Hogeye, Strickler, Evansville, any WWA customer south of Prairie Grove, any customer South, East, or West of West Fork, all customers in the Sunset and Winslow Area..  Due to the flooding, a main transmission main feeding the South system of Washington Water Authority customers has washed out in the Illinois River.  Crews are working to create a temporary repair connection that will provide some water but less than typical water supply to the south system.  Washington Water Authority requests that all customers use water with caution and limit water to necessary needs and necessities at this point..  Any outside watering is requested to be ceased at this time and water should only be used for human and animal use and consumption at this time. Construction use should cease immediately.

Persons seeking further information about water conservation can call the Washington Water Authority offices Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 479-267-2111.